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A year has passed since the UK voted to leave the European Union.
With the political situation in flux, we still know relatively little about the likely future arrangements between the EU and the UK. However, we have learned more about how wholesale banking might be affected as management teams have pored over their options and worked through detailed contingency plans.   MORE

The Hidden Cost of Reputation Risk
Effectively manage risks before a crisis strikes
Reputation risk has become a key concern for the businesses in the wake of the Great Recession and with the rise of social media.  A damaging headline, lawsuit or unfortunate customer experience can severely impact financial performance and brand value…   MORE

Time to Advance and Defend
What is the state and future of the Wealth Management Industry?
Despite some strong first quarter results, wealth managers face a number of challenges. This joint report with Deutsche Bank is aimed at understanding what the industry can do to progress…   MORE

Closing The Financing Gap: Infrastructure Project Bankability In Asia
In Asia, the public sector is completely unable to fund the region’s future infrastructure needs on its own. Currently, the sector funds 90 percent of infrastructure development in the region. To meet the anticipated $26 trillion of investment that is required by 2030, this status quo needs to change…   MORE

Commerzbank, Erste Group Bank and others join trade finance solution
October 6, 2017
Europe – 2017 – Commerzbank, Bank of Montreal, Erste Group Bank and CaixaBank have joined an initiative launched by UBS Group and IBM aimed at building blockchain-based technology to support trade finance transactions…   MORE

Banking on the Omni-channel
August 2017
Banks and financial institutions across the world are being challenged to adapt and innovate, moving beyond the traditional ways of doing business. Changing customer behaviours gained from interactions with e-commerce…   MORE

Customer Churn in Business Banking
“What Keeps SMEs from Staying or Going?” – E&P reveals reasons for customer churn and more importantly why unhappy…   MORE

China’s Belt and Road Initiative
Ambitious scope beset by regional challenges

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), formerly referred to as One Belt, One Road (OBOR) represents an economic development funding plan worth, at its most ambitious target…   MORE

How to invest in extreme weather
The news headlines on massively damaging hurricanes, floods and heat waves are getting frequent. Extreme weather is now the norm. The impact of extreme weather on logistics, infrastructure and the wider economy has never been more concerning.   MORE

Has The Dollar Bottomed? (Cont’)
As we discussed in July, the US economic surprise index has become extremely depressed and the lowest within the G10. We believe US data may start ti improve, and the USD may find a floor.   MORE