The ABA annual meetings and conferences have been very effective tools for bringing together top Asian bankers and for exchanging information and ideas among the members.

The themes of these meetings and seminars have focused on the identification or promotion of the role of banking and finance in regional cooperation or on the improvement of the banking industry in the region. ABA continues this tradition and maintains the quality of their contents by ensuring that they are always relevant and topical.

To ensure a substantive discussion of issues, Ministers of Finance or Central Bank Governors, as well as international experts and eminent authorities on financial issues, are invited to attend the annual meetings and seminars.

The ABA also endeavours to invite the Chairpersons and CEOs of member banks, as well as COOs, CFOs, and CIOs, to represent their banks in the annual meetings and conferences. The higher- level participation and representation of member banks in ABA activities helps to consolidate ABA’s position as the leading regional organization representing the Asian banking sector. It also provides them the platform to network more effectively and have a forum to share knowledge before and after meetings and conferences throughout the year.

The ABA also occasionally holds breakout sessions as part of the Conference program. The breakout sessions feature representatives from banks, regulatory authorities, and multilateral agencies to talk on specific topics such as an assessment of the impact of new risk management.