Registration Payment for the 40th ABA Conference on 18-19 November 2024

Early Bird Registration (before 8/31/2024)
US$500 = NT$15,000

Participant’s name: ___________________

Participant’s email: ___________________

Company’s name: ____________________

Company’s No. (Don-Yi): _______________

Payment method: VISA Mastercard

Name on credit card:__________________

Credit card #: _______________________

Expiration date: __________

Security code: ____

Amount New Taiwan Dollar NT$:_________

Cancellation Policy:
a. Cancellation request must be in written form addressed to the Conference Secretariat.
b. Full refund on or before 9/30/2024 after handling fee.
c. 50% refund on or before 10/15/2024 after handling fee.
d. No refund after 10/15/2024.