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Kaoshiung – From a market that was considered too difficult to serve, micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) banking has now become a strategic target of banks due to business development and income opportunities that abound, specifically in the cross-selling of products and services. In many developing countries, MSMEs serve as engines of economic growth and development. It constitutes the majority of business enterprises that are vital for employment generation and poverty reduction.

ADFIAP_LogoNational development finance institutions (DFIs), including microfinance institutions (MFIs) are the primary source of support to MSMEs both in terms of financial and technical assistance. However, constraints such as inherent risks, high transactional cost and lack of funds, among others, still exist and impede the full potential of the development of the microfinance sector. With this as background, this study tour program has been developed with particular experience of Taiwan since its government has invested substantial capital and human resources in the promotion and development of the MSME sector.

The program’s objectives are:

  • To expose participants to international best practices of specialized DFIs/financial institutions by showcasing the host country’s current approaches and strategies to address the various issues that confront MSME financing and development.
  • To deepen the participants’ knowledge and understanding of MSME management;
  • To provide a platform for exchanging views and ideas on MSME development and the important roles that DFIs play in the promotion of MSME development in their respective countries; and,
  • To enhance the participants’ capabilities in providing better consultancy and advisory services for MSMEs.
  • By the end of the program, participants should have a better understanding of MSME financing and development programs and policies and their role in poverty reduction.

The training methodologies:

The 5-day program has been structured to give a more relevant and practical perspective on MSME financing and development by incorporating different avenues of learning through lectures/briefings, visits to policy-makers, institutional visits to conduits of MSME funds, project visits and sharing of experiences by participants coming from different countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The program aspires towards providing a fuller understanding of the significant roles that financial institutions and relevant government agencies play in the development of a country’s economy and its poverty alleviation efforts.

Participation fee:

USD1,650 per participant which includes lunch and snacks for five days, learning materials, program-related trips, and certificate of attendance.  Airfare and hotel accommodation will be for participant’s account.  Great deal: +1 free for every three registered participants from the same institution.

Register now by contacting Ms. Liza Olvina/Sandra Honrado; Telephone: 632-8161672; email:  inquiries@adfiap.org

The confirmation form can be downloaded HERE.


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