2018 35th ABA Conference Brochure is ready for download



Kurumba – The 35th ABA General Meeting to be hosted by Bank of Maldives on November 15-16, 2018 in Kurumba Resort, Maldives is on track to be one of the best banking conference due to its valuable content and paradisiacal environment.

We are encouraging bank members and non-members to register online as early as possible by visiting the Conference website at www.abamaldives2018.com, and ensure your place in the Conference.

We are confident that you will find your attendance in our annual gathering this year productive, meaningful, and memorable.

What is the Agenda?

Focusing on the theme “Banking in Asia: The Next Frontier”, our Maldives Conference will feature banking leaders and industry experts who will share their valuable perspectives on highly timely and relevant issues such as:

  • What is the potential impact of technology on banks and the probability of disruption in their particular business environment and what changes do they need to do on their existing business practices in order not to risk compromising their growth and value
  • How can industry players tailor their processes to identify, prioritize, understand and measure emerging and evolving risks, while also understanding their impact and setting in place appropriate monitoring and early warning indicators to mitigate risks as they crystallize.
  • How can banks can incorporate sustainability principles into corporate strategy funding decisions and product/service definition processes, in order to play an influential role in supporting environmentally and/or socially responsible projects and enterprise

Why You Should Attend?

Your participation will also provide you the opportunity not only to learn and gain insights from the Conference discussions but also to:

  • Establish new business relationships with Asian banking leaders.
  • Gather actionable business information.
  • Consolidate business partnerships.
  • Promote your company brand among Asian banking leaders.

The registration website and further information about the conference can be accessed here.




In the meantime, you can take a look at the latest program:





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4 thoughts on “2018 35th ABA Conference Brochure is ready for download

  1. Mariko Braswell

    I would like to receive a conference brochure and agenda for your event coming up in the Maldives in November. Thanks.

    • mig moreno

      Hello Mariko,

      I emailed you information about the ABA Conference in Maldives.

      Thank you

      Mig Moreno

  2. Divya Jain

    Please share brouchure

    • mig moreno

      Hello Divya,

      I emailed you information about the ABA Conference

      Mig Moreno

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