2018 35th ABA Conference Brochure is ready for download

2018 0919 brochure 1028 x 578

Maldives – The brochure of the 35th ABA General Meeting and Conference which is scheduled to take place on November 15-16, 2018 in Maldives, with The Bank of Maldives as our host, is ready for download HERE.

The Focus

Focusing on the theme “Banking in Asia: The Next Frontier”, this year’s Conference will feature banking leaders, eminent speakers, and industry experts who will examine:

  • The potential impact of technology on banks and the probability of disruption in their particular business environment, what changes they need to do on their existing business practices, how they should re-define strategies for acquiring innovative capabilities, and how they can stay at the forefront of developing revolutionary propositions in order not to risk compromising their growth and value.
  • How industry players can tailor their processes and draw from a diverse range of sources to identify, prioritize, understand and measure emerging and evolving risks, while also making use of forward looking analyses to understand their impact, as well as elaborate on their thoughts on how industry players can ensure that they have appropriate monitoring and early warning indicators in place to manage and mitigate risks as they crystallize.
  • How banks can incorporate sustainability principles into corporate strategy funding decisions and product/service definition processes, in order to play an influential role in supporting and promoting environmentally and/or socially responsible projects and enterprises.

In addition, our Maldives Conference will feature the “Discover ABA” session during which country presentations will be made by selected ABA member banks on current economic conditions and growth prospects in the banking and financial markets of their respective countries, as well as on any of their new products, services or activities that may be of interest to other member banks.

2018 0919 brochure01 1028 x 578Why You Should Attend

Aside from having the opportunity to learn from and exchange views with the invited speakers on the above issues, your presence will also allow you to:

  • Establish new business relationships with banking leaders
  • Gather actionable banking information
  • Consolidate banking partnerships
  • Promote your brand among banking leaders

Your attendance will also provide you the opportunity not only to experience and enjoy the attractions of Maldives,  but also to meet with local bankers and key government officials exchange views with them on how to  grasp the opportunities and challenges presented by the ongoing transformation in the country’s economy and bankign sector

The Conference website – through which delegates may register, make their hotel booking, download the updated Program, and obtain other relevant information – will be launched soon. All members will be advised accordingly.

In the meantime, should you have further questions, contact us at aba@aba.org.tw or call us at (886 2) 2760 1139.

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