3rd Webinar – Customer due diligence challenges & Best practices – 10 July

2019 0105 Fintelekt logo 01Pune – The Asian Bankers Association (ABA) would like to invite members and friends to participate in the free webinar on “Customer Due Diligence Challenges and Best Practices” to be held on July 10, 2019.

The July 10 webinar follows the successful first and second webinars held on February 21st and May 8th, respectively, as part of the AML/CFT webinar series 2019 jointly organized by the ABA and Fintelekt Advisory Services.

According to WTO, US$19.48 trillion were traded around the world in 2018 and Asia traded 30% of that total. Unfortunately, according to Global Financial Integrity, from 2005-2014, the illicit financial flows (IFF) likely accounted for between 14.1% and 24% of the total developing country trade.

As trade brings substantial new sources of revenue for banks, a new challenge to bankers’ integrity has also emerged: mis-invoicing, an illicit trade mechanism that allows switching funds in and out developing countries illicitly. Moreover, there are other illicit practices and mechanisms that could be affecting banking operations that demand understanding and special attention.

The next webinar will discuss the following key issues:

  • KYC/ due diligence challenges in the era of digital banking and real-time payments
  • Balancing compliance with business and customer expectations
  • The role of data governance in AML
  • Improving efficiency in due diligence

Mr. Shirish Pathak, Managing Director of Fintelekt Advisory Services will be the host of the 3rd webinar on July 10. The name of the invited professional banker will be announced soon.

The recently concluded second webinar on May 8 drew over 250 participants from banks (ABA members and non-members) around Asia-Pacific region. ABA expects that this 3rd webinar will also draw a large international audience and provide a convenient learning opportunity for AML compliance officers from the banking industry in Asia.

Moreover, given the nature of the subject, we invite member bankers to share with other relevant departments this invitation to participate in the 3rd webinar.

Participants will receive further information about the optional test and certificate of participation upon registration.

For registration, please click HERE and the deadline is July 3, 2019.


Fintelekt Advisory Services (www.fintelekt.com) is a specialist in research, training and advisory on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) in Asia.  It produces industry research, fosters dialogue and creates opportunities for knowledge sharing between senior executives from banking, financial services and insurance.

ABA therefore encourage banks to take advantage of the upcoming webinars on AML/CFT challenges within Asia.

Should you have further questions, please write to aba@aba.org.tw

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