Sustainable financing, Financial inclusion, Microfinance, AML/CFT regulation & other topics discussed at 2019 ABA Conference in Makati

57 PNB You First Logo 1The Asian Bankers Association invites all members, friends and associates to quickly register to the 36th ABA General Meeting and Conference scheduled to take place on November 14-15, 2019 in Makati City, Philippines.


The 2-day conference is packed with important financial and banking subjects that bankers, financial experts, policy-makers and government regulators must attend.

The first day’s morning presentations are launched with Bank rating issues discussed in the ACRAA session, followed by country presentations by leading bankers. The afternoon starts with Trends in retail banking, Digital distribution and Forecasting financial risk using AI subjects presented by known experts in the field. The first day will conclude in what is expected to be a very interesting and stimulating Special Presentation Session featuring the following speakers:


  1. Mr. Nick Turner, Registered Foreign Lawyer (New York, USA), Clifford Chance will make a presentation on Mitigating the Sanctions Risk in AML Compliance”. This session will explore recent regulatory trends and enforcement cases that highlight the intersection of sanctions and compliance, and suggested how banks can use their existing KYC and monitoring tools to effectively identify sanctions risks and meet regulatory expectations
  1. Mr. Alon Cliff Tavor, Principal, Oliver Wyman will make a presentation on “Cybercrime and Cybersecurity” sharing his organization’s experience – as well as the latest developments, trends, and points-of-view – on these critical and timely issues.
  1. Mr. Charles Bretz, Director of Payment Risk, Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) will facilitate a session on Cyber War Game which will feature a simulated, table-top cyber “war game” that will enable the participants – segregated into various various sub-groups composed of commercial banks each and sub-groups of composed of regulators each – to discuss among themselves the appropriate steps to take in the event of a cyber attack.

2019 1022 manila 1028The second day is equally packed with relevant banking and financial subjects presented in panel format featuring expert speakers and high-ranking policy makers.

The four main sessions on the second day are: (1) Global Economic Outlook, (2) Financial Inclusion of MSME, (3) Is Asia ready to go cashless? and (4) Regulators’ role in developing digital ecosystems.

ABA invites participants to read the complete program presented below to understand the magnitude and importance of the 2019 ABA Conference in Makati.


The ABA Conference is a great opportunity not only to learn from the various special presentations, but also to meet and network with your peers from other countries while enjoying the warm hospitality that the Philippines and the Filipino people are known for.

The Conference brochure in PDF format can be downloaded HERE.

If you have further questions, please contact the ABA Secretariat at


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