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The Asian Bankers Association and our knowledge partner Fintelekt Advisory Services invite you to participate in their next joint webinar on “Sanctions“, which will be held on Wednesday 6 May 2020 from 11.00 AM to 12.00 Noon (Indian Standard Time).


Economic sanctions have been used as a persuasive tool to make nations act in a particular manner and this places rigorous obligations on banks across the world. Any sanctions violation poses the possibility of damage to the bank’s reputation and almost certainly results in monetary penalties. In addition to providing a refresher on sanctions-related ‘hygiene’, this webinar will give you an understanding of the current situation, and prepare you optimally for the ever increasing challenges faced by you and your bank in managing sanctions risk.


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We will discuss the evolution in sanctions over the last few years, recent enforcement trends, the implications on banks’ businesses, keeping track of frequent changes on global sanctions lists and key considerations for banks’ sanctions compliance programmes.

We will also solicit insights from the speakers on trending issues such as whether a global sanctions ‘ceasefire’ is required under humanitarian grounds to allow sanctioned nations to tackle the pandemic, how should sanctioned countries be protected from irreversible economic damage due to sanctions, and perceived international sanctions quid pro quo leniency attempts.


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Participation Certificates:

(1) Webinar Sign-up and Attendance is free.
(2) Participants who attend the webinar or listen to the recording will be invited to complete a multiple-choice assessment.
(3) Participants who pass the assessment will be eligible to purchase Fintelekt-ABA participation certificates at the following price:
3a. Standard Issuance Fees: US$ 50 per participant
3b. Discounted Issuance Fees for participants from Asian Bankers Association Member Banks: US$ 25 per participant
(4) Participants who pass the assessment will be notified via email and sent a secure online payment link to purchase the certificate if they so desire.
(5) The certificate will be sent to participants in .PDF format via email within two working days on receipt of payment.

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