FT webinar on opportunites in the growing 5G Ecoystem

The ABA invites its members to join the Financial Times and Neuberger Berman free webinar which will focus looking at the companies which make up the 5G ecosystem, the potential growth as a result of technology disruption and where investors should be looking in order to capitalise on the success of this industry.


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2020 1130 webinar FT speaker


2020 1130 webinar FT speaker 01




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The panel will explore the following key questions:


  • How will 5G private networks work in an industrial setting? What are the key advantages? How will sectors like manufacturing and logistics stand to benefit?
  • What has the Covid-19 pandemic taught us about the limitations of current healthcare systems, and how could faster, more reliable connectivity make a difference in addressing these issues?
  • The future of mobility is dependent on the deployment of 5G networks to enable autonomous vehicles to operate safely. How else does the next generation of mobility rely on the 5G ecosystem?
  • How does cloud computing intertwine with 5G and the advancement of new AI edge computing systems? What will these technological frontiers lead to in the longer term?

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