MUFG to Establish a New Trading Firm in Japan

MUFGMUFG’s consolidated subsidiary MUFG Bank today announced the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary, based on approval from the Japanese Financial Services Authority (JFSA). The new entity, MUFG Trading, Ltd. (MUFG Trading), will be dedicated to providing new structured trade financing solutions to our corporate clients with the aim of stabilizing and strengthening their global supply chains.

The launch of its financing business is expected to take place within 2022.

The business environment surrounding MUFG’s corporate clients is changing drastically with unprecedented speed, due to the advancement of globalization, geographical and political risk. Clients who trade globally in particular have a pressing need for the creation and sophistication of supply chains for procuring raw materials, etc.

MUFG Trading is being established with the aim of helping customers overcome these challenges by providing unique financing solutions for their sales and purchase of goods and raw materials.

MUFG Trading will sign sales and purchase agreements with sellers and buyers to provide novel structured trade finance solutions. It will support clients’ balance sheet optimization needs as well as the strengthening of global supply chains.

MUFG will further contribute to the development and growth of industry by providing high value-added services for our clients, helping to solve their management issues.


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