VietinBank launches incentives for new import-export businesses

133 VietinbankIn the context of the “new normal”, business operations gradually stabilized. According to the General Statistics Office, the total import-export turnover of goods in the first six months of the year increased by 16.4% over the same period last year.

With 15 free trade agreements signed – the latest being the “Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership” (RECP) agreement, Vietnam’s import and export activities are expected to achieve a new step. Accompanying businesses in import and export activities, VietinBank implements incentive programs for new import and export businesses.

Accordingly, when participating in the program, import-export enterprises that are new or have not used trade finance and international payment services and have foreign currency business transactions within 12 months will enjoy many incentives on fees and charges. foreign exchange rates (preferential policies apply according to the bank’s terms and conditions).

Specifically, businesses are entitled to the eFAST account and service package – 100% free of beautiful digital accounts, VND money transfer, international credit cards and refunds. In addition, businesses enjoy the privilege of exempting 25 types of service fees, notably: Foreign currency transfer in the system; endorse the bill of lading/issues authorization to receive goods; issue a delivery guarantee; send for collection, cancel, amend and adjust for collection; management of collection documents; letter of credit notice; amendment notice; Trade Portal service.

Enterprises can also reduce up to 50% of foreign currency remittance fees outside the system, other fees of trade finance services – import/export services; offer up to 170 points of foreign currency buying/selling rate depending on currency pairs.

With a system of nearly 1,000 transaction offices spread across the country and a team of professionals and knowledgeable about products and services, VietinBank accompanies businesses to develop breakthroughs in the coming time. For details, please contact VietinBank branches/transaction offices nationwide or call center: 1900558868, email:

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