Webinar on Combating Fraud, Scams & Money Laundering in 2023: A Behavioural Approach – Register now!

The Asian Bankers Association and BioCatch, wish to invite fellow bank members and friends to join a webinar on Combating Fraud, Scams & Money Laundering in 2023: A Behavioural Approach on August 31, 2023 at 14:00 SGT.

Biometrics is nothing new. Physical biometrics – fingerprint scanning, iris scanning, voice recognition – have been used for authentication for quite some time. Behavioural biometrics is simply a next iteration.

Physical biometrics is not the only thing that makes us unique. Each of us interacts with technology in a unique way. Organizations use behavioural biometrics to track consumers’ behaviours and/or habits and the way they interact with an institution within the biometrics realm. Behavioural biometrics technologies aim to identify and leverage the things that really set us apart – our behaviours.

BioCatch is partnering with the Asian Bankers Association (ABA) to give bankers and financial specialists a comprehensive analysis of the prevailing trends in fraud and scams in the ASEAN region and across the globe in 2023.

The 60-minute webinar will be moderated by Dilshan Rodrigo, Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer at Hatton National Bank PLC who will introduce Mr. Zayas and moderate the Q&A session at the end of webinar.

During the webinar, Mr. Edgar Zayas, Director Global Advisory, at BioCatch will discuss how behavioural biometrics has ascended as the cutting-edge tool in our fight against these unlawful activities, covering the following topics:


(1) The latest trends and threats in fraud, scams, and money laundering in 2023, and the impact on the banking industry.

(2) The behavioural approach to fraud detection and prevention, and how it can be used to identify and prevent fraudulent activities in real-time.

(3) Glimpse into Fraud trends impacting other regions around the world.


The webinar will be highly informative and valuable for bankers and valuable for bankers.

Interested parties may register HERE.


About BioCatch

BioCatch (www.biocatch.com) is considered the leader in Behavioral Biometrics, a technology that leverages machine learning to analyze an online user’s physical and cognitive digital behavior to protect individuals online.

Today, BioCatch counts over 25 pf the top 100 global banks as customers who use BioCatch solutions to fight fraud, drive digital transformation and accelerate growth.

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