ATMIA webinar on “ATMs in Asia – thriving in an evolving security environment” gathers over 400 registrants

ATMIA (Automated Teller Machine Industry Association) with the support of the Asian Bankers Association held a webinar on “ATMs in Asia – thriving in an evolving security environment” on March 19, 2024.

Moderated by Sandra Smith, Executive Director of ATMIA AP region, the webinar attracted over 400 industry stakeholder delegates. The main objective was to highlight to participants how the ATMIA and ATM Security Association (ASA) can help industry stakeholders thrive in an evolving security environment.

Topics discussed

  • Who/What ATMIA does
  • Key security threats to the ATM Industry regionally and globally
  • Emerging protections against threats to ATM networks
  • Harnessing new technologies to improve efficiencies in ATM networks.
  • Global perspectives on the future of cash and payment choice



The webinar presented a vision of ASA and ATMIA that strategically coordinates industry intelligence to understand the emerging global threat landscape and design responses to combat emerging global threats and criminal activity targeting the ATM industry.

Sandra Smith shared insight into the first Global Crime Intelligence database for the ATM Industry. This centralised, searchable database of ATM incidents helps industry stakeholders understand global crime trends and emerging forms of attacks worldwide.

The webinar also elaborated on the December 24, 2024 report by the ASA Crisis, and Crime Management Intelligence System (CCMIS) on the over 24,000 incidents. The report highlights the necessity of establishing cooperation among industry players to provide accurate insight into criminal activity on a global scale.



Audience’s questions

Some questions from the audience included:

  • What were some of the potential threats and resolutions for ATM Security, both external and internal?
  • What are the future trends in physical security threats and protection solutions?
  • How can banks leverage AI to reduce the risks associated with ATM-related fraud while ensuring robust security measures are maintained? When evaluating AI solutions to address these challenges effectively while safeguarding the bank’s security infrastructure, what criteria should bankers consider?


The video recording can be viewed at the ABA YouTube channel below:


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