ABA Position Presentations on Financial Inclusion and MSME Growth

Promoting Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy Paper & Promoting inclusive MSME Growth

Mumbai – The Policy Advocacy Committee met at the Gulmohar Room, Lower Lobby of the Trident Hotel on November 16th 2017 to discuss two position papers. The meeting was chaired by the ABA Chairman, Mr. Daniel Wu and Mr. Kenneth  Yu (in representation of Ms. Prudence Lin, Chairman of the Policy Advocacy Committee) where both thanked the participants for attending and presenting at the ABA Policy Advocacy Committee Meeting for the year 2017.

During the Policy Advocacy Meeting, two position presentations were presented as follows:


IMG_8446(1) Promoting Financial Inclusion & Financial Literacy

The issue of financial inclusion and literacy was presented by Oliver Hoffmann, Managing Director, Head of Asia at the Erste Group Bank.

The content of his presentation can be downloaded HERE



IMG_8468(2) Promoting Inclusive MSME Growth

The second policy advocacy paper presentation was given by V. Ramling from the State Bank of India, who focused on SBI experience building partnership between government and local businesses programs to promote MSMEs which is fundamental to Indian economic growth.

The content of his presentation can be downloaded HERE.