Belleview Research

Singapore – Belleview Research (BVR) is an independent investment research firm specializing in top-down, macro and thematic investment ideas. The BVR business philosophy is that clients should be constantly stimulated by the “best-in-breed” independent thinking around the world.

BelleviewBVR employs a “Spotify-of-research” business model — the first of its kind in Asia. BVR conducts due diligence to identify “who are the best and in what areas” among different independent research firms. BVR distills different research reports and other great analyses it come across. Then BVR curates them into succinct and punchy investment ideas in its flagship publication called the Belleview Report.

BVR has conducted due diligence on about 100 independent investment research firms spreading across the globe and have read libraries of research reports published by these firms. BVR exercises critical judgement based on: 1) the quality and originality of the research, 2) the performance of the recommendations and, 3) most importantly, our clients’ continuous feedback.

BVR is a fully independent firm with no other side businesses. BVR does not run any money management business. BVR does not sell nor advise on any financial product or transaction. For details about BVR’s services, please visit HERE.

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