ABA survey on “Workout Guidelines & Model Agreement”

2017 1026 ABA logo Gold 300Taipei – ABA requests banks’ participation in this survey aimed at determining member banks’ interest to know more about the documents entitled “ABA Informal Workout Guidelines-Promoting Corporate Restructuring in Asia” and the “Model Agreement to Promote Company Restructuring: A Model Adaptable for Use Regionally, by a Country, or for a Particular Debtor” (hereinafter referred to as “Guidelines”).

These two documents were developed and adapted by the ABA – with assistance from the Asian Development Bank – in 2005 and subsequently revised in 2013 following inputs from APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) and the International Insolvency Institute (III). They contain principles which aim to guide financial creditors on how they should deal  with debtors in difficulties in circumstances where the debtor is dealing with multiple financial creditors as creditors.  Copies of the documents are attached for your reference.

ABA would appreciate it very much if bank officers could spare a minute of their time, download the Survey Questionnaire in PDF format from  HERE and email your answers to aba@aba.org.tw or fax them to (886 2) 2760 7569, before August 3, 2018, if possible. The Survey Questionnaire contains more background information on the proposed questions.

5 thoughts on “ABA survey on “Workout Guidelines & Model Agreement”

  1. Soogeun OH

    Where can I find the the guideline and the Model?

  2. Maria

    Hello, I would be grateful to receive a copy of the current Guideline and Model. Many thanks

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