AlgoDynamix webinar on secular financial opportunities on May 7

2020 0522 AlgoDr. Jeremy Sosabowski, CEO of AlgoDynamix and a speaker during the 36th ABA General Meeting and Conference held in November 2019 in Makati, Philippines, will host a LIVE webinar on the opportunities emerging in the current secular financial landscape. The session will also include Q&A to answer participants’ questions The themes to be discussed will cover:


  • The degree of activity and recovery in various economic sector and how selected government interventions are shaping the market
  • An overview of global (and regional) perspectives covering most asset classes
  • How you can locate emerging opportunities through clear, unbiased, fact-based analytics, garnering crucial competitive edge


Thursday, 7 May 2020
Hong Kong, Singapore & Taiwan | (UTC +8) at 11AM
Sydney, Australia | EST (UTC +10) at 1PM


Can’t make it to a live session? Make sure to register anyway and AlgoDynamix will send out a follow up email with a recording of the webinar so participants can watch on-demand.

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Dr. Jeremy Sosabowski has over a decade of business and technology commercialisation experience. His ‘IP portfolio’ includes several granted patents and more than ten peer reviewed publications.

AlgoDynamix provides directional risk forecasting analytics with hours or days advance warning of major directional price movements in most financial markets. Their products are used by trading, investment banks and asset managers, including CTAs, hedge funds, family offices and other managed funds. Jeremy has over a decade of business and technology commercialisation experience.

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