E.Sun Bank and 32 Taiwanese companies launch ESG initiative to promote sustainability

2021 0125 Esun 01E.Sun Commercial Bank on February 19 launched its “E.Sun ESG and sustainability initiative” in a ceremony in Taipei, with Vice President William Lai  and Vice Premier Shen Jong-chin attending the event to express their good wishes.

E.Sun Bank founder Huang Yung-jen, chairman Joseph Huang and the leaders of 32 Taiwanese companies, including delegates from China Steel Corp and AU Optronics Corp, signed the initiative’s Sustainable Development Advocacy.

E.Sun and the companies pledged to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their business, and implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They also committed to taking action against the most urgent climate change issues.

The initiative has gathered companies that demonstrated leadership in sustainable development. All participants committed to taking positive environmental action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the impact on the environment.

Through the initiative, it is expected that Taiwan’s industry would pay more attention to ESG factors and sustainability.

E.Sun has been listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for seven years in a row, setting a record for firms in Taiwan’s financial sector. The bank is also leading its peers in introducing the Equator Principles, “green” bonds and ESG-linked loans.

E.Sun is a long-term supporter of renewable energy establishment. In 2019, the bank took the lead to terminate financing to coal-fired power plants, a pioneering action that could reduce negative effects of high ESG-risk business activities.

E.Sun will continue to improve its management and practices of ESG. By pledging to the “E.Sun ESG and Sustainability Initiative,” the bank wishes to promote the idea together with Taiwanese companies that share the same vision.

E.Sun hopes to make positive contributions and raise awareness in the Taiwanese industry by addressing ESG issues and pursuing sustainable development.

Taipei Times

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