Sanima Bank adds new remittance feature in mobile application

51 Sanima BankSanima Bank Ltd has added a new feature “Sanima Xpress (Remittance Service)” in the bank’s mobile application ‘Sanima Sajilo’ e-Banking from June 1.

With this added feature, bank’s active account holders can send domestic remittance to the beneficiary directly through a mobile app using “Send Remittance” without visiting the bank. While sending money, the customer will have the option to send in cash mode or in a bank account.

In the case of a bank account, the beneficiary’s account will be instantly credited. The beneficiary can also collect cash remittance through 16,000 authorized agents having a presence in all 77 districts of Nepal.

Besides this bank customers can also receive international and domestic remittance directly to their own account using “Receive Remittance” in Mobile App. This service is also available in the web version of the Sanima Sajilo e-Banking App.


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