Efma webinar on SME Lending, Credit Scoring, Risk and Automation

2018 0704 EFMA 01 300 x 100EFMA would like to invite ABA members and associates to October’s SME Banking Community event. This time, EFMA will have a closer look at SME Lending, Credit Scoring, Risk and Automation on 19 October 2021 at 4pm SGT .

As usual EFMA aims to inspire change and growth by bringing concrete case studies, experts’ views based on the latest research, keynote speeches and open discussions to amplify learning for all and the possibility to engage with peers and develop a network of contacts!


The Agenda (SGT time)


4.00pm – Introduction to the topic

4.05pm – Opening keynote speech: SME Lending transformation journey

4.20pm – Case study: Refining the credit scoring for SMEs through their invoices data the pandemic-triggered automatization in the SMEs services offers

4.40pm – Presentation by Standard bank

5.00pm – Challenger bank case study

5:25pm – Moving SME Banking to the next level
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