BML promotes positive mental well-being in the workplace

41 Bank of Malvides 150 x 105 01Bank of Maldives announced its commitment to promote positive mental well-being in the workplace through partnerships with leading institutions to provide support programs and professional services for employees across the country.

The Bank has partnered with Thibaa Psychology, Society for Health Education (SHE) and Institute of Mental Well-being (IMWB) to offer regular consultations and counselling programs for its staff.

As part of the program, the Bank will cover the cost of individual consultation sessions for employees and encourage employees to seek the services of professionals in mental well-being. Regular awareness sessions on parenting, work life balance and mental well-being at the workplace will also be conducted in partnership with these service providers.

BML’s Deputy CEO Aishath Noordeen said with increased recognition of the importance of mental health across the world, and the tremendous impact COVID-19 had on mental well-being, it is fitting that the Bank, as one of the largest employers in the country, takes this important step. She said that the bank looks forward to seeing other organizations follow suit to recognize and promote the importance of mental wellbeing for employees everywhere.


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