Vietcombank completes 98% of yearly credit plan

129 VietcombankBy the end of the third quarter, the credit of the Foreign Trade Joint-stock Bank (Vietcombank) was 923,385 billion VND (40.550 million USD), an increase of 11.5% over the whole of 2020 and representing 98% of this year’s plan, according to the lender.

Since 2020, the bank has conducted 9 interest rate reduction to help people and firms adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This year alone, its reduction of interest for customers will amount to 7.1 trillion VND.

Besides, Vietcombank is also realising its commitments for support to social welfare work and the pandemic fight with about 350 billion VND.

In the last months of this year and toward next year, the bank will continue to focus on renovating the intensive growth model, shifting its operation structure, thus ensuring sustainable growth with a high efficiency and productivity to serve the economic recovery.

It also commits itself to maintaining a reasonable interest rate to continue supporting firms in adapting themselves to the new context, and to providing social welfare to those directly affected by the pandemic.


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