“ESG & Sustainable Finance Online Course,” April 4-21, 2022

The Asian Bankers Association (ABA) would like to invite members to join the ESG & Sustainable Finance Online Course, to be held on April 4-21, 2022.

Organized by Infocus International, a global provider of strategic information, and supported by the ABA, the online course will feature the following topics during the eight sessions: (1) An introduction to Sustainable Finance; (2) The fundamentals of ESG indicators; (3) Sustainable investment; (4) Green bonds; (5) Climate risk; (6) EU Taxonomy and SFDR; (7) Sustainable Fintech; and (8) Next steps in Sustainable Finance.

By joining the course, participants will be able to: (1) understand why Sustainable Finance becomes the new normal; (2) learn what ESG comprises and why it is still challenging to speak ESG; (3) apply Sustainable Finance concepts to various business fields in financial services; (4) combine Open Banking with Sustainable Finance; (5) effectively manage climate risks; (6) evaluate the impact of the EU Taxonomy and the SFDR; and (7) explore next developments in Sustainable Finance.

For more information, interested parties may visit the event website at: www.infocusinternational.com/esg-sustainable-finance, or contact Ms. Emilia Mok of Infocus International via phone: +65 6325 0210 or E-mail: emilia@infocusinternational.com

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