BML supports completion of projects in Felidhoo and Henbadhoo under BML Community Fund

2018 0705 BOM 01Bank of Maldives has announced April 11, the successful completion of projects in V. Felidhoo and N. Henbadhoo as part of its Community Fund which focuses on empowering individuals to contribute to society through sustainable community projects.

Under the project, a community picnic area was developed by Felidhoo Zuvaan Ekuveringe Dhirun in V. Felidhoo. The space will be utilized by local residents, tourists and those visiting from neighbouring islands. The community picnic area is equipped with traditional joali, swings, BBQ area and an outdoor shower.

Hamid Rasheed, recipient of community fund developed a BBQ area in N. Henbadhoo. The space is now open to the public with BBQ stands, seating area with a mini library, fish filleting platform and a dedicated storage area.

The Community Fund is a program to empower individuals and NGOs to contribute to their communities through sustainable projects. As of today, the Bank has provided financial assistance for 65 projects across the country through this Fund.

Bank of Maldives Newsroom

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