Agribank Loc Viet card wins Sao Khue award 2022

2021 1029 Agribank 02 logo 150 x 105Agribank Loc Viet card was honored at the Sao Khue Award Ceremony 2022 on the morning of April 23, 2022 in Hanoi. Agribank’s Loc Viet 2-function “dual” card has been developed on the latest and most modern technology, integrating two applications from domestic debit and domestic credit card products on a single chip.

Sao Khue program is a prestigious professional assessment activity in the field of software and IT services organized by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association. The program aims to select and recognize the best and most prestigious products and services in the software and IT industry in Vietnam. The Sao Khue Award in 2022 with the mission “Promoting the digital solution platform – Pioneering the development of digital ecosystems” in order to contribute to orienting the Vietnamese ICT business community to be creative, pioneer in bringing digital solutions to solve socio-economic problems, towards building complete digital ecosystems for all industries, sectors.

By integrating two card applications “debit” and “credit” on a single chip, Agribank’s Loc Viet card contributes to reducing card costs and helps customers to be flexible in payment without having to carry many cards. The product has all the features of a domestic debit card as well as a standard domestic credit card, making it more convenient for customers to make payments, with high security thanks to modern chip card technology.

Another difference of domestic credit cards compared to other credit cards is the grace period of up to 55 days, both as a means of payment and as a financial instrument with the advantage of spending first, paying latter in addition to a variety of attractive preferential policies of Agribank for customers such as: Free card issuance, no annual fee, no cash advance/withdrawal fee, low interest rate, etc.

Loc Viet Card is the 10th product of Agribank from 2016 to date that has won Sao Khue Award for the outstanding IT system category in the banking sector.

This is the achievement and recognition of Agribank’s continuous innovation and pioneering efforts in providing banking products and services on the use of modern information technology, demonstrating Agribank’s active contribution to the implementation of the national financial inclusion strategy, the project to promote non-cash payments in Vietnam, contributing to the successful implementation of digital transformation in the banking industry, making digital technology a new driving force for the country’s economic and social development.

As the leading bank in Vietnam, a key player in the agricultural and rural market, well aware of the strong digital transformation requirements in banking activities, Agribank prioritizes investment in technology projects to upgrade the infrastructure of data centers and network systems, enhance security, and ensure stable and safe operation of IT systems.

Agribank aims to provide automatic banking services in the direction of digitization, multi-channel distribution, and improved service quality.

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