Bangkok Bank launches “Be1st Digital Card” with a new design

2020 0902 Bangkok banktaishin 02 50 x 50Bangkok Bank Introducing “Be1st Digital” debit card, safe and confident and it’s easy to apply, it can be used immediately through mobile banking. Highlighting the advantages of elevating advanced security with companion card new design, unique to you, the most stylish of debit card users. Appease the new generation, the convenience, instantaneous value, the card was introduced at the Money Expo 2022 event, with 3 promotions during the introductory period, waiving fees and discount codes to please online shoppers.

Mr. Chok Na Ranong, Executive Vice President credit card manager at Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited revealed that Bangkok Bank launched “Be1st Digital Card” under the concept of “Safe, confident in online shopping” to meet the target group of the new generation of people who like to update trends and lifestyles via social media.

“Be1st Digital Card” can be applied easily online by customers and can have easy access to various usage via mobile banking from Bangkok Bank, and can start using the card immediately with online stores both domestically and internationally. It can also be tied to various electronic wallets (e-wallets) conveniently, such as Rabbit LINE Pay, Google Pay, Dolphin Wallet, etc.

In addition to the convenience of being able to apply through mobile banking from Bangkok Bank and using the “Be1st Digital Card” immediately, the bank also produces a companion card with a first new design of the debit card format in Thailand.

It is a highly secure EMV Contactless plastic card. It does not show the card number, CVC/CVN number and expiration date on the card. It only shows the name of the cardholder. The ATM function must be paired with a highly secure 6-digit PIN code, it can be used for deposit-withdrawal-transfer transactions through any ATM of any bank and especially if cardholders wish to withdraw money abroad. This includes swiping at stores overseas where cardholders will be asked to present their passport when making purchases.

Interested applicants can easily apply for the “Be1st Digital Card” via mobile banking from Bangkok Bank, or phone Bualuang at 1333 or 0 2645 5555.

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