Land Bank Wins Online Popularity Award in 2022 Taipei Golden Eagle Micro-Movie Festival for microfilm “Establish a Good Foundation for Sustainable Operations”

Land Bank TaiwanTo shine the spotlight on stories of companies committed to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, the Taipei Golden Eagle Micro-Movie Festival, organized by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), now on its sixth year, encourages companies to use new and visual microfilm to promote sustainability awareness and communicate sustainability achievements to the public.

The organizer today announced the list of winners in an online award ceremony. In this highly contested event with many benchmark organizations, the Land Bank of Taiwan (LBT), despite participating in this competition for the first time, stood out and won the best online popularity award with the corporate image video “Establish a Good Foundation for Sustainable Operations.”

The LBT’s award-winning microfilm, “Establish a Good Foundation for Sustainable Operations,” features interviews with people, interspersed with the daily life of the bank’s corporate badminton team members and illustrates the LBT’s long history of cultivating and training grassroots players and gradually improving the management system of the badminton team.

A key highlight in the film is the appearance of the men’s doubles gold medal-winning players from the Tokyo Olympics, Wang Chi-Lin and Li Yang, as well as team coach Li Song-Yuan, to convey the sentiment of mutual interaction and mentoring between players and coaches and the gradual establishment of a team culture of excellence. The award also recognizes the bank’s efforts to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and contribute to social sustainability.

As a state-owned bank, the Land Bank of Taiwan not only focuses on its core financial industry, but also on giving back to the community. In the future, the bank will continue to nurture sports talents, strengthen cooperation with key schools for work study programs and organize annual youth summer camps for badminton and tennis to support the development of the sport in Taiwan.

In addition, the LBT has established a Sustainable Development Committee, chaired by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, to draw up a sustainable management blueprint through six major areas, including “sustainable finance, customer rights, employee care, corporate governance, environmental sustainability and social participation.” The bank also actively implements various environmental, social and corporate governance objectives from top to bottom, demonstrating the LBT’s management philosophy of ESG social inclusion and the pursuit of sustainable development.

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