Fubon Financial Holdings Reports July 2022 Earnings Results

99 Fubon bankFubon Financial reported unaudited pre-tax profit of NT$15.335bn and net profit of NT$14.048bn in July. Cumulative pre-tax profit was NNT$102.566bn for the first seven months of the year, and cumulative net profit was NT$83.452bn, translating into EPS of NT$6.81. Cumulative net profit and EPS of Fubon Financial, cumulative net profit of Fubon Life, and monthly net profit of Taipei Fubon Bank were the second highest in record. Cumulative net profit of Taipei Fubon Bank hit a record high in July.

As of the end of July, Fubon Financial acquired 73.95% of Jih Sun FHC. Investment income of NT$1.44bn was recognized in the first seven months. The performance of the main subsidiaries can be found on the website here.

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