Banks Association of Türkiye shares current status of the economy

At the invitation of the Asian Bankers Association (ABA), The Banks Association of Türkiye (BAT) conducted the Webinar on “Turkish Banking: Current Status and Opportunities” on October 25, 2022.  This Webinar was part of the webinar series lined up prior to this year’s virtual 38th ABA General Meeting and Conference.

Moderated by Mr. Shrirang Prabhakar Ketkar, Country Head and Chief Executive Officer, State Bank of India, Hong Kong Branch, the Webinar featured the Welcome Remarks by Mr. Eugene Acevedo, ABA Chairman and President/CEO of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), who expressed his appreciation to the BAT for agreeing to conduct the webinar.  As a country where the East meets the West, Türkiye, according to Mr. Acevedo, is an attractive destination for many people and therefore he personally very much looked forward to the presentation by the BAT.



Featuring the topic of “Economic Developments and Banking Sector in Türkiye,” the presentation by Mr. Ümit Ünsal, Deputy Director, Research and Statistics, BAT, included three parts, namely: the latest economic developments in Türkiye, the introduction to the banking sector in Türkiye and the profile of BAT.  Mr. Ünsal pointed that the economic growth of Türkiye is stable with the advantages of its high openness rate, the young population, a high labor force participation rate and the dynamic and entrepreneurial private sector, though inflation has resulted in a serious problem to Türkiye.  He also analyzed the numbers of GDP as well as the current account and budget of the country so as to give the audience a better idea on the economic trends in Türkiye.

As for the banking sector in Türkiye, Mr. Ünsal shared the major landscape of the industry, including the regulation and supervision bodies in the financial sector, the number of banks, branches and employees, the assets of the banking sector, the balance sheet, the breakdown of loans and NPLs, as well as shareholders equity and capital adequacy ratio.

The third part of the webinar was on the profile of BAT and Mr. Ünsal elaborated on the Association’s purpose, work and its functions.  Furthermore, he emphasized that the focus areas of BAT currently are sustainability and digital banking.



The presentation (PDF format) of the session can be downloaded HERE.



The video recording of the webinar can be viewed in the ABA YouTube channel.



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