Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking continues to pursue its goal

Bangkok Bank invites customers to get special prizes from Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking, which is more than just an application that provides customers with easy and comprehensive services.

Recently, it launched the “Hurry to Hunt and Redeem S3” campaign to invite customers to use Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking and join a mission to conquer the heart of Nong Jud, a cute and friendly whale shark character in a series of LINE stickers. He is a big brother of the sea and represents the bank as a trusted partner who will stay by your side to deliver happiness and take care of your finances.

The “Hurry to Hunt and Redeem S3” campaign invites customers to perform various missions in Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking, such as mobile top-up/Easy Pass, bill payment, fund transfer, and check-in as well as playing games and answering questions. For every completed mission, customers will receive planktons, Nong Jud’s food as a reward to accumulate in exchange for the following rewards: 1,000 planktons can be redeemed for a 7-Eleven or Starbucks discount e-coupon worth 100 baht; and 500 planktons can be redeemed for a Viu premium code for 2 months or a Shopee discount code worth 50 baht.

Special Customers who receive their salary through a Bangkok Bank account are eligible to receive up to 600 additional planktons when completing a transfer as specified. In addition, new customers who have just applied for Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking and made a fund transfer by 11:00 p.m. on the day of first use will receive a 7-Eleven discount coupon worth 100 baht.

Get Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking ready to hunt and redeem through this campaign by completing various missions every month. The campaign is available today until December 31, 2023. Customers must register to join missions in the Rewards menu, then go to the Mission menu before starting their missions and transactions so that they do not miss collecting planktons for Nong Jud.

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