Moral Money Summit Asia – Unlocking the Potential of ESG

The FT’s Moral Money Summit Asia will be a hybrid event in-Person at The Westin Singapore and Digital on September 6-7, 2023 that will bring together business and government leaders, investors, financiers, multilateral agencies, policy-makers and experts for a two-day programme that will address the important question: How can Asia’s leaders make the cut in this new era of heightened ESG awareness and action?

For environmental, social and governance (ESG) norms to integrate satisfactorily into Asia’s business and society, it is imperative for policy, principle and profit to come together. The region trails both Europe and the US in developing a holistic ESG framework and in curbing harmful climate, governance and social practices.

This poses a knotty problem for investors and businesses because Asia is a core component of the global supply chain, a burgeoning consumer market and a growing source of wealth. What needs to happen to create realistic sustainability targets that take into account the region’s various risks, along with its opportunities?

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Key 2023 questions to be addressed


(1) How can Asia create realistic sustainability targets that take into account the varying levels of development across the region?

(2) Are evolving trends in supply chain management in Asia driving sufficient ESG change along the value chain?

(3) How have ESG initiatives in the region adapted to current regulatory policies and economic trends?

(4) How can investors intensify their scrutiny of ESG disclosures of target-companies and funds?

(5) How can investors, policy-makers and corporates scale up ESG integration across Asia?

(6) What are the best ways to channel new technologies to ensure the most positive impact on the environment, society and the economy?


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Over 50 Speakers


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