Webinar on Fraud Prevention Against Sophisticated Scams on 4 October 2023

The Asian Bankers Association (ABA) and LexisNexis Risk Solutions is inviting members and friends to join the webinar on “Fortifying Your Fraud Prevention Strategy Against Sophisticated Scams” to be held on 4 October 2023, 2PM Singapore Time.




Asia Pacific region has experienced an unprecedented digital transformation in the last few years, and the pandemic has only accelerated these developments. In many ways, the pandemic has fast-tracked the development of digital channels, in particular mobile channels, and Asian consumers have embraced new payment methods at a faster rate than in any other region. The increase in the myriad of digital channels has also offered criminals more ways to target companies and consumers, as businesses are struggling to respond to increasingly sophisticated scams.

Diving deeper into the different types of fraud, much of the news and media attention has focused on third-party fraud, such as phishing, credit card, ecommerce, SIM swaps and account takeover fraud. In terms of volumes or number of reported incidents, these types of fraud have consistently ranked at the top of fraud statistics. However, when the focus shifts to the financial implications, money mules, investment and romance scams have resulted in significantly higher financial losses or impact.

The webinar addresses key topics related to online or digital fraud:


  • What are the key fraud types and scams and the common modus operandi of fraudsters and scammers.
  • Key fraud trends, statistics and outlook.
  • The emergence of sophisticated social engineering fraud, including related areas such as money mules, and how to detect them.
  • How behavioral biometrics intelligence is able to detect fraud and bot attacks but also how this technology enables businesses to identify trusted customers.
  • How a layered fraud prevention approach enables businesses tackle more sophisticated fraud.
  • The convergence of financial crime compliance and fraud and impact on businesses.


The feature speaker of this 60-minute webinar will be Mr. Thanh Vo, Director of Market Planning, Fraud & Identity, APAC at LexisNexis Risk Solution. The session will be moderated by Mr. Manesh Samtani, Editor & Contributor to Regulation Asia.





14:00-14:05 Opening Remarks by Moderator, Mr. Manesh Samtani, Editor of Regulation Asia.

14:05-14:35 “Fortifying Your Fraud Prevention Strategy Against Sophisticated Scams” by Mr. Thanh Vo, Director of Market Planning, Fraud & Identity, APAC at LexisNexis Risk Solution.

14:35-14:55 Fireside Chat

14:55-15:00 Q&A Session moderated by Mr. Manesh Samtani.

15:00 Closing Remarks by Mr. Manesh Samtani


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