The Banks Association of Turkey on “Sustainability in the Turkish Banking Sector” in Kathmandu Conference 2023

Ms. Pelin Ataman Erdönmez, the director of The Banks Association of Turkey, delivered a presentation on ‘Sustainability in the Turkish Banking Sector.’ during the ABA Policy Advocacy Committee Meeting in Kathmand on November 9, 2023..

She emphasized that member banks within the association view sustainability as an integrated business model. Erdönmez noted that these banks conduct environmental and social risk assessments and monitoring processes in alignment with both national and international legislation, as well as global standards.

She expressed that, through the formulation of environmental and social action plans, Turkish banks serve as intermediaries in fostering their customers’ environmental and social capabilities. Erdönmez pointed out that the monitoring of environmental and social performance continues throughout the loan term.

Furthermore, Erdönmez shared that the Turkish Banking Sector has developed a sustainability guideline, primarily grounded in principles and regulations such as the ‘Environmental and Social Risk Management Manual’ prepared by EBRD, ‘Equator Principle 4,’ ‘Sub-sectoral Environmental and Social Guidelines’ by EBRD, ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ by the UN, and Turkish legislation, including the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulation, among others.

The complete video presentation can be viewed below at the ABA YouTube channel.




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