BEA presentation on Promoting Cooperation in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Kathmandu Conference 2023

Mr. David Kim, Head of Sustainability at the Bank of East Asia, delivered a presentation titled “Promoting Cooperation in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals” during the ABA Policy Advocacy Committee Meeting in Kathmand on November 9, 2023.

During his presentation, he elucidated various strategies for combating climate change and its associated impacts. He highlighted specific targets that he emphasized should be achieved by 2023. These targets encompassed strengthening resilience and adaptive capacity, integrating climate change measures into policy strategies and planning, and enhancing education, awareness, and human and institutional capacity in the realms of climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction, and early warning.

Kim conveyed that the predominant share of the Bank of East Asia’s emissions arises from its financial activities, specifically corporate lending and bond investments.

Furthermore, he outlined the Bank of East Asia’s plan to attain net zero emissions through initiatives such as low-energy building and energy transition, institutional changes, and carbon neutralization within its financial investments.

In addition, Kim mentioned that the Bank of East Asia is actively pursuing a climate financing strategy, a customer transition plan, and the incorporation of climate ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) data to achieve net-zero financed emissions.

He disclosed that in 2022, the Bank of East Asia launched the ‘Bank of East Asia’s Green and Sustainable Finance’ framework with the aim of establishing a consistent methodology and associated procedures to identify and finance green projects and activities across the entire bank group.

The complete video presentation can be viewed below at the ABA YouTube channel.



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