“14 Shades of Risk in Asia Pacific” Report available

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Singapore – ABA is pleased to share with its members the publication of the Asia Pacific Risk Center of the Marsh & McLennan Companies, an ABA Knowledge Partner, entitled “14 Shades of Risk in Asia-Pacific”.

In a period where the world is witnessing growing protectionism and anti-globalization rhetoric, it is interesting that the countries in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region are forming an increasingly dense network of business and economic links. At the same time, while often referred to as one economic bloc, the region is home to countries and territories that remain vastly different from each other. This regional heterogeneity means that businesses need to be able to deal with risks from multiple sources. Even where there are similar risks, the nature of the risks can differ significantly and thus necessitates different responses.

Recognizing these strategic concerns, the Asia Pacific Risk Center of the Marsh & McLennan Companies provides a more nuanced analysis of the region in the attached publication. It presents snapshots of 14 key countries/territories across APAC and will help businesses better navigate the complexities across the region’s diverse economies. This publication complements an earlier publication “From threats to Impact: Evolving Risks Concerns in Asia-Pacific” which provides businesses with an informed overview of APAC’s risk landscape.

ABA is confident that this new publication will give bank members a better understanding of the risks and opportunities arising in the APAC region. The publication can be downloaded HERE.

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