DBS Foundation awards record SGD 3 million to 19 businesses-for-impact across Asia

69 DBS logo 150 x 105 11DBS Foundation, the first foundation in Singapore dedicated to championing social entrepreneurship, has awarded close to SGD 3 million to 19 social enterprises (SEs) to grow their business, and scale their social and environmental impact.

With DBS Foundation’s grant funding, these 19 businesses will collectively impact 24,000 lives

across the region by availing access to quality healthcare and education, and improving the livelihoods of those in rural communities. Handpicked from close to 700 applicants across Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, and Taiwan, these 19 businesses-for-impact will channel their funding towards enhancing and deploying their innovations, which seek to tackle issues spanning healthcare, nutrition, employability and income disparity, education, energy, environment protection and waste management,

all of which are pertinent and increasingly prevalent today.

Through this grant funding, DBS aims to identify, support, and force the growth of innovative social entrepreneurs. Therefore, they can make positive changes from the downstream with visionary solutions and the potential to create enormous breakthroughs.

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