ADB publications on Asian Outlook and Ocean Health

Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2021 Supplement: Recovery Continues

According to the Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2021 Supplement, the main risk to the outlook remains a resurgence in cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), especially given the emergence of a fast-spreading variant. Other risks include a protracted correction in the housing market that could induce an unexpectedly sharp slowdown in the People’s Republic of China, rising inflation, and persistent global supply disruption.

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Financing the Ocean Back to Health in Southeast Asia: Approaches for Mainstreaming Blue Finance

The ADB publication provides an overview of the “blue economy”” and emphasizes its significance for protecting the biodiversity of natural resources in Southeast Asia. The “blue economy” is defined as the sustainable  use  of  ocean and coastal resources to drive economic growth and improve livelihoods, while protecting and nurturing marine ecosystems. The publication looks how multilateral and bilateral funding sources, a market-based approach, incentives, and regulations can contribute to achieving a blue economy. It also discusses how these elements need to be aligned within a cohesive development framework.

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